Welcome to MossyCode 

We offer a collection of high-quality FiveM scripts for your server. Please feel free to peruse the collection and get you something nice for your players!

MossyCode is a verified developer for the TMC framework https://themoddingcollective.com/

If you have any questions please look in the sidebar for contact details.

About MossyCode.com

MossyCode.com was launched in July 2022 by Dustin Slane. MossyCode is a brand under which Dustin wants to create a collection of quality FiveM scripts.

About Dustin Slane

Dustin has been in the FiveM scripting community since late 2017 and has worked on various different, well-known roleplaying servers such as TheFamilyRP, BeaconRP and now works on NewDayRP.